Hello from Style and Story

Hello and welcome back to Style and Story. It’s been a while. My youngest son has just started school, a big milestone in his life – and mine too. So, it’s time for a new venture for me with hopefully a little more time on my hands. Style and Story is where I want to share those little things in life that catch my eye – an object, place or idea – with a story to tell. So often I find myself browsing a bric a brac store, picking up objects and wondering who they belonged to.

penguin books

Simple style of Penguin books

Even looking around my own home, I realise we have so many items that had a life before they adorned our shelves. Take these lovely old Penguin Classics; some I had as a student, some belong to my husband, some were bought new but others were found whilst foraging at flea markets.

This year, 2015, is the 80th anniversary of Penguin Classics, a concept thought up by its founder Sir Allen Lane. Finding himself dissatisfied at the lack of decent, affordable reading material while waiting for a train on an Exeter platform, Lane conceived of quality paperbacks that would be cheap enough to buy from a vending machine, the Penguincubator. I love the timeless simplicity of their jacket design.


My old Ladybird books

These old Ladybird books on the other hand were my cherished reading matter as a child. I loved the classic fairy tales like Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin and The Princess and the Pea. Then there are others like Helping at Home and Going to School which I loved to read with my parents. I am not so sure how much fun Subtraction made Easy and Division made Easy were though….


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