A chandelier Christmas wreath

Styling the table for Christmas dinner is a festive tradition many of us enjoy – with a decorative centrepiece of greenery or candles perhaps to make the meal feel even more special.

But I have also admired the Scandinavian-inspired chandelier wreaths that hang above the table. So, this year, I have had a go at making one.


I am probably pushing it with just three more days until Christmas to suggest that you might like to have a go. But if like me, you can’t resist a creative diversion then here’s how I made it.

You will need: a twig wreath as the base (mine is from Hobbycraft), some string to hang it (I got some with silver thread running through from TKMaxx), some Christmas decorations, some ribbon to hang the decorations, some foliage like pine or ivy, cinnamon sticks, battery fairy lights.

First I attached the twine to hang it with and temporarily knotted it at the top.


Then you need to add your decorations – I opted for one colour theme of silver which I attached with thin silver ribbon.


After I had attached a few I found it easier to hang the chandelier from something so I could balance out the decorations. For the best effect you want them different lengths.


Then I added some greenery – in my case ivy and pine which I used some soft gardening twine to attach.


For the final touch I added some cinnamon sticks and I twisted some fairy lights around the wreath.


We have a pendant light over the table so it was easy to attach to this as it’s not terribly heavy. I knotted a circle of extra twine around the light cord and then attached the three pieces of hanging twine to that.


It looks so pretty all lit up that I don’t think I will want to take it down after the twelve days of Christmas so it may remain as a winter chandelier to brighten those long, dark days ahead.

IMG_5978 IMG_5992

And as it is the winter solstice today we will welcome a little extra light.


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