Everybody loves surfing, surfing……

………Cayton Bay! – yes really, it’s true. Cayton Bay near Scarborough is one of the top places to surf in the whole of the UK.

And this is according to the very nice chap (Ian) at the West Cornwall Surf Company in Hayle, Cornwall, who helped sort wetsuits out for the boys during our Cornish vacation.


We were bemoaning the fact that we heading back home the following day and that the boys would miss the fun they had learning to surf only to be told that we were a hop, skip and a surf away from one of the best surfing beaches in the UK.



It appears that surfers will travel hundreds of miles for the swell of the surf offered up on the Scarborough coast. So, it’s move over Newquay and here we come Cayton Bay.

Having kitted the boys out in the thickest wetsuits possible (Do you know your 5/4/3mm from your 3/2mm? I didn’t but I do now and believe me for a North Sea dip you’ll be needing the 5/4/3mm), we will be checking into the surfing school there very soon and yours truly will be reporting back.

I promise a photo if I venture forth onto the waves myself! Wetsuit and all…..

Oh, just before I go, I did a double take at this little chapel we passed at the side of the road – can you see why?


Check out the cross!


2 thoughts on “Everybody loves surfing, surfing……

  1. Trudi Woodhead

    Sarah, I’m shivering reading your blog! That is quite an achievement……but can I invite you and the boys to surf some warmer water out here in Australia?!


  2. Sarah Banks Post author

    Thanks Trudi! Sounds a wonderful invitation…I think we would be abandoning the wetsuits if we came to Australia! I will keep you posted as to how surfing on the North East coast goes!! Do you surf over there??



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