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The Art of Writing

How often do you put pen to paper nowadays? What was the last thing you actually wrote? The shopping list; a date on the calendar; a note on a Post-it? So, what about the last time you typed something with fingers or thumbs? I’m guessing just before you read this. It’s the way most of us communicate now.

I enjoy writing. I write for work and I write for pleasure. I like writing cards to friends and family and I love receiving a handwritten card or letter myself. So, not surprisingly when I started noticing more and more beautiful writing around – on Instagram, in books, on labels and on chalkboards in shops and cafés, I wanted to have a go.




I am referring to Modern Calligraphy – a current and popular art form that is much looser, bouncier and fun than the traditional calligraphy you find in more formal documents – or those old Medieval scripts.

One inspiring Instagram site that I follow is Quill London, who style themselves as the home of modern calligraphy, stylish stationery and correspondence. I bought their book, written by calligrapher Lucy Edmonds, who heads up their modern calligraphy studio, and I haven’t looked back since.




If you have distant memories of those laborious handwriting classes at school, then you’ll know what I mean when I say I have followed lots of drills, starting off with practising the type of strokes you can see here – the idea behind modern calligraphy is that there is a thick downstroke and a thin upstroke.




I then moved on to learning how to write the upper and lower case alphabet; writing words, joining up letters and experimenting with different styles of writing including spacing and embellishments…




So when it came to Christmas, I was keen to put my new skill into practice. Believe me, this hobby is very therapeutic – and extremely addictive, although I am not at the point where my shopping lists are written in calligraphy just yet. Anyway, back to Christmas where I wrote place names for the table..




And much as I would have loved to make all my own Christmas cards, I’d left it far too late for that. However, I did create a special card for Mr B, who was full of cold, so I suggested he might wait before acting upon the instructions on the card.




The next stage I’m looking forward to is experimenting with some colour so I’ve just ordered some gorgeous Finetec Watercolour Pearl Colours, which you brush onto your nib. You can use any liquid in calligraphy, even tea, which I’ve very nearly done by accident! Also winging its way to me is a Tombow Brush Pen as I want to have a go at learning some brush lettering too. I’ll keep you posted as to how I get on. So, until next time…..